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NEMA Premium Extra Severe Duty Motors


Reliability is built inside


The IEEE 841 difference


Optimized for heat exchanger applications 

Five-year warranty comes standard. This comprehensive warranty program covers both mechanical and NEMA Premium efficiency performance (60 months operational/66 months maximum from shipment).

XSD Ultra technology meets an ISO 1940 Grade 1.0 Precision Plus balance to 0.04 in/sec results for smooth, reliable operation and long bearing life.

Standard Class H GEGARD insulation system is designed to excel in variable frequency drive applications where lesser designs often short circuit and cause overcurrent trips.

Built for a long 130,000 hour L10 direct connected and 26,280 hour L10 belted bearing life without life adjusting factors.

Complete Test per MG1 Part 12 IEEE Standard 112, Test Method B on 2% of all production. Verification of compliance and routine test report supplied with every XSD Ultra motor. Each 841 motor comes with its own test report demonstrating performance compliant with the IEEE 841-2009 specification.

Stock XSD Ultra motors can be UL listed, CSA listed, or GE self-certified for Division 2 locations or modified to meet ATEX Zone 2 or CE requirements.

Technical Scope:

0.75-300 HP, 900-3600 RPM

230/460, 460, 575V / 60 Hz

Alternate 50 Hz data on nameplate

TEFC (IP55) and ODP

Frame sizes: 143T-449T

NEMA, UL, CSA, IEEE 45, 841, 112B, and GM 7E-TA

Division 2 applications

C-Face and high-torque

Design “C” models available


Why you should choose
extra severe duty motors

XSD Ultra

XSD Ultra 841


XSD Ultra 661 


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