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Medium Voltage Motors

Quantum Motors

Quantum LMV Horizontal

Quantum V Motor

Quantum LMV Vertical 

Severe duty, long lasting, and high power for a smaller footprint

Specially engineered to excel in extreme Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining and general process environments and applications.

Why is the Quantum LMV motor better?

Unique Design - An internal frame air circuit with patented frame D-Ducts and trapezoidal rotor vents dramatically increases airflow for a cooler operating motor. This gives more flexibility in choosing frame sizes.

Inverter Duty Reliability - Optional Insulated bearings and drive end shaft grounding ring are optional. This minimizes the impact of harmful shaft voltages. A separate blower is available for constant torque applications.

Superior Bearings - Available self-aligning spherically seated sleeve bearings allow the motor to adapt to the best position for the load. The shaft can adjust without increasing temperature, vibration or noise levels.

Technical Scope

100-1750 HP

900-3600 RPM / 60 Hz

900-3000 RPM / 50 Hz

460, 575, 2300/4000, 6600V


Available in IEEE 841 config.

Frame sizes: 440-7000

NEMA, CSA, UL, IEEE 112B, AEx nA, API 547 and 541, Division 2, Zone 2

Class F insulation

Three or Five Year Warranties (IEEE 841)

Quantum LMV

Horizontal Motor
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Quantum LMV

Vertical Motor
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