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NEMA Premium Explosion Proof Motors

NEMA XP Explosion Proof Motor

Engineered to excel in hazardous environments

These motors are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently and reliably in challenging applications and severe environments where reliability and ease of maintenance is critical. We work with all applicable standards such as IEEE, NEMA, and UL. GEIM explosion proof machines are available for use in Division 1 environments as specified.

Five-year warranty is standard. This comprehensive warranty program covers both mechanical and NEMA Premium efficiency performance (60 months operational/65 months maximum from shipment).

Hazardous Location UL Listed Division 1

Class 1 (Gas) Groups C & D / Class 2 (Dust) Groups F & G

40C Ambient

VFD rating 5:1 constant and 10:1 variable torque

Temp Code T3C

1.15 Service Factor

55C Ambient on sinewave power

143T-215T frame - Temp Code T3C

254T-449T frame - Temp Code T2B

1.0 Service Factor

Technical Scope

1-300 HP, 900-3600 RPM

230/460, 460, 575V / 60 Hz

Alternate 50 Hz data on nameplate


Frame sizes: 143T-449T


Energy Saver XP Brochure

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