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Direct Current Motors

GE DC Motors by Wolong
GE Kinamatic Motors by Wolong

Reliable Workhorses

DC Motors in Stock

We have over 100 years of experience of direct current motor engineering and manufacturing experience utilizing superior design and quality control systems. These machines are a proven reliable lifeline to driven equipment and the backbone of thousands of operations around the world.

Constructed in a rugged magnetic ring frame or cast-iron fabricated frame for severe industrial duty applications.

Anti friction bearings with removable bearing cartridges and caps.

Fully compliant class F insulation contains several components rated class H, unless otherwise specified.

Strong Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welded commutator risers to the armature coil.

Tape Reinforced Encapsulated Construction (TREC) of main field coils and commutating field coils is a process which strengthens, seals, and bonds the coil and pole into a single unit highly resistant to contaminants.

Technical Scope

1-500 HP, 300-3600 RPM

Armature voltage: 180, 240, 500

Field voltage: 300/150, 240/120

DPFG, DPFG-BV, TE, and Explosion proof

Kinamatic DC Motor Brochure

Mill Duty Motor Brochure

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