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Motor Parts

Genuine GE Motor Renewal Parts

Designed for your GE motors, Genuine renewal parts will always fit perfectly, saving you time and effort.

For Instance, coils from other suppliers may require some forming and bending which can damage the coil insulation and increase labor time. Armature coil kits include clips and soldering blocks. These fit perfectly and can significantly save rewinding time for the service team.

Genuine motor parts built to original GE designs using the latest materials and manufacturing processes.

  • A full complement of spare parts is available for the entire range of GE motors.

  • The average installation time is reduced compared to competitor parts in GE motors.

  • Our dedicated renewal parts team is fully integrated with technology and manufacturing.

  • Identification of common spare parts is based simply on the machine model or serial number

  • Customers minimize downtime with an adequate spare parts inventory plan for their GE motors.

Coils - Armature, Field, Stator, Ammortisseur, Equalizer

Commutators/Collectors - Replacement Commutator, Slip Ring Assemblies

Brush Assembly - Brushes, Springs, Brush holders

Bearings - Sleeve Bearings, Oil Rings

Exciters - Rotor & Stators

Accessories - Air Filters, Molded Equalizer Trays, Speed Limit Switches, Heaters, Thermostats, Thyristors, Converter Assemblies, Oil Gauges, Fans, Blower Assembly or Wheel


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