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Keyless Reciprocating Compressor Motors

Reciprocating Motor
MV WPII Motor Image

Severe duty, long lasting, and high power for a smaller footprint

Reciprocating compressors experience high-cyclic loads. Their performance and reliability rely on a robust, severe-duty compressor train. It is important to choose the right electric motor to help control any fluctuations and torque oscillations to minimize fatigue and increase the reliability of the compressor.

To best meet these application challenges, our motors have these key features:

  • High strength AISI 4142 steel to handle current pulsations and torsional vibration

  • Oversized shaft diameters matched to compressor shafts for optimal coupling and reliable operation

  • Torsional and current pulsation data available

  • Keyless shaft extension

  • Optimized frame design for low noise and vibration

  • Durable, moisture resistant insulation system excels in VFD applications meeting and exceeding NEMA MG1-31 standards.

Technical Scope

150-5000 HP

900-1800 RPM / 60 Hz

460, 4160 - 6600 V


Frame sizes: 445-12012


Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D, T3 200C AIT

Class H insulation on 449 Frame, Class F insulation all others

Three Year Warranty, One Year (WPII)

LV Recip Compressor Motor Brochure

MV Recip Compressor Motor Brochure

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