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Wolong Worldwide

Run time: 8:37 Minutes

Published: 2018

Founded in 1984, and through almost 30 years’ rapid development, Wolong Holding Group currently has 3 listed companies: Wolong Electric, Wolong Real Estate, and Wolong-LJ, as well as 54 holding subsidiaries and more than 18000 staff with RMB 24 billion worth of total assets, RMB 30 billion worth of annual turnover, and an industry layout with the manufacturing as its core flanked by real estate and financial investment.

Wolong Groups Video

Run time: 3:25 Minutes

Published: 2017

Products cover more than 40 series and 3000 specifications including various motors and controlling systems, power supply batteries, electric transmission and transformation equipment and etc. The main products are leading in international and domestic market and supplying many national key projects.

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