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Meeting Mining and Cement Processing Application Requirements

Mining Application Map
Mining Features Table

Wolong offers comprehensive motor solutions for mining process applications. With an increasing global demand for metals and minerals, mining environments are becoming more extreme. They may be in a remote underground mine in Mongolia or in the mountains of Chile. They may be in the extreme cold of Alaska and the Canadian North or the blazing Australian Outback.

Our durable and efficient motors provide a reliable lifeline to critical production equipment. Strict adherence to industry and application specifications also help ensure less downtime.

Application Map
Motor Features Table

Globally, the cement industry contributes 7% of total carbon emissions. If the global cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of carbon after China and the US. Carbon dioxide generated from limestone calcination to produce quicklime accounts for about 55-70% of total production process emissions. The high-temperature calcination process burns fuel which also accounts for about 25-40% of total production process emissions.


Fortunately, there exists many opportunities for realizing higher energy efficiency and more carbon reduction and capture across processes.

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