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Definite Purpose Motors

Adjustable Speed Drive
ASD Motor

Adjustable Speed Drive Motors

This ASD Ultra technology is optimized for performance in metal processing, plastic extrusion, winders, test stands, crane and hoist and material handling. All are applications that require motors that can handle variable torque applications.

Five-year warranty comes standard. This comprehensive warranty program covers both mechanical and NEMA Premium efficiency performance (60 months operational/66 months maximum from shipment).

  • Designed for scalar or vector drive

  • Infinite:1 constant torque from zero to base speed

  • NEMA Premium efficiency at 60 Hz sinewave

  • Constant horsepower 1.5 times base speed

  • Runs at or below Class F temperature rise

  • Exceeds MG1-31 standards with GEGARD insulation system

Technical Scope

1.5-300 HP, 1800 RPM

230/460, 460, 575V / 60 Hz


Frame sizes: 143TC-449T


NEMA D Motor
Oil Pump

Oil Well Pump Motors

Wolong oil well pump motors are designed with high slip (5-8%) and high torque (NEMA D) to meet the requirements of oil beam pumping units. With minimal maintenance and stock availability, these motors have become an obvious choice for operators.

  • Rugged cast iron frame

  • Opposite drive end bearing locked for high axial thrust capacity

  • F2 conduit box position, convertible to F1

  • Regreasable bearings

Technical Scope

3 - 150 HP, 1200 RPM

460V / 60 Hz


Frame sizes: ND213T - ND447T


Fire Pump
Fire Pump

Fire Pump Motors

Wolong Electric America is authorized to manufacture fire pump motors per UL File E47088, Vol. 9, Sec. 1 (under Fire Pump QXZF and Inverter Duty PRHJ). A stainless steel embossed nameplate is bolted to each machine.

Fire pump motors sit dormant for many months of the year and may be subject to temperature and barometric changes, especially with outdoor applications. This environment causes condensation to collect on metal surfaces promoting corrosion and leading to unexpected failures. Optional space heaters can be wrapped around the winding coils. They work like an electric blanket transferring a small electric current into heat to keep the motor warm, dry and ready to start when operators need them most.

Class H GEGARD insulation system is designed to excel in severe environments and challenging applications where lesser designs often short circuit and cause overcurrent trips.

GEIM Fire Pump Motors are especially suitable for these applications:

  • Horizontal Fire Pumps

  • In-Line Fire Pumps

  • End Suction Fire Pumps

  • Vertical Fire Pumps

Technical Scope

2, 4, 6 and 8 Pole Designs

Cast Iron TEFC, TENV, ODP, WPI Enclosures

Cast iron bearing cap w/ recessed slinger

Ball bearings standard, Roller Bearings available

1.15 Service Factor limited by UL1004-5

Class B temperature rise (80C)

Continuous Duty (S1)

104F (40C) ambient temperature

3300ft (1000m) altitude

Stainless steel nameplates

Special voltages available

Special shaft designs available

Space heaters, Thermistor, thermostats, or RTD’s available

Shaft grounding rings available

Mill Duty DC
Mill Duty Motor

Mill Duty DC Motors

This low base speed, high torque motor is used in high performance, automatic control systems that require a fast-transient response. These motors are ideal for use in steel plants, excavating equipment, shipyard cranes, coal and ore dock cranes. They operate well in constant potential or adjustable voltage drive systems with either rectified power supplies or motor-generator sets.

MD800 motors meet standards established by the Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST).

  • Heavy-duty, double tapered shaft is removable and replaceable.

  • Single width cylindrical roller bearings for high intermittent and impact thrust capacity.

  • TIG welding of the armature coil leads to the commutator makes the motor highly resistant to overloads.

  • Fast dynamic response and smooth speed control due to optimal system inertia.

  • Advanced Tape-Reinforced Encapsulated Construction (TREC) coil technology is highly resistant to contamination, vibration, impact and wear.

  • Specifically designed to accelerate, decelerate, or reverse under conditions of severe duty-cycle operation.

  • Optimal Class H insulation protection is standard.

ASD Ultra Motor Brochure

Oil Pump Motor Brochure

Fire Pump Brochure

MD800 Armored Mill

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