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ULTRASNOW-V Pump Motors are manufactured standard with a GEGARD2400 insulation system. This system exceeds NEMA MG1-31 (which is 3.1 times the nameplate voltage) for motors operating on inverters. The combination of this and the varnish process provides a typical Corona Inception Voltage of 2400 volts peak with a rise time of 0.1 seconds. ULTRASNOW-V motors are specifically designed for Snow Making equipment applications and industry.


Horsepower: 125-600HP
Design Voltages: 460, 2300, 4160V
Frames: 400-500 Vertical solid shaft high thrust
Enclosure: WPI (TEFC also available)
Speed: 3600rpm
Insulation: class H for 400 to 449 frame and class F for
500 frame.
Features: NEMA Design B, GEGARD 2400 Inverter Duty
Insulation, Space Heaters, NEMA Premium Efficiency,

Warranty 3 Years.
Thrust: See table
Altitude: up to 14,000 ft

Features & Benefits 

• All motors have inverter duty stator winding
• NEMA Premium Efficient
• Low temperature design
• Precision RCF data (+/- 5%)
• Rugged and reliable cast iron construction
• Thrust capability 20% above industry standard
• No water cooling required

ULTRASNOW-V Motor Images
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