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 GE Industrial Motors - Motor Management Program 

About MMP
Bringing together over 100 years of motor application experience using 21st century tools, GE Industrial Motors a Wolong Company has developed a motor management program that is both sophisticated and simple to implement with a turnkey set of solutions.
To get started, there are generally five major steps to follow as you ramp up your management program.

Create your Audit Plan

• A GE Industrial Motor consultant will meet with a
facility representative to agree on the audit scope
and identify any possible roadblocks.
• An audit plan proposal is submitted including
timing, resources and deliverables.


Gather Information

• The data gathering crew, escorted by designated
plant employees, will collect images, nameplate
data, conditions, application, notes, etc. from your
installed motor fleet. All of the information will be
captured by smart phones and tablets.


Motor Management Plan Image

Report Summary

• A GE Industrial Motor Consultant will generate a
report from the data showing energy consumption
and possible savings through replacements
and upgrades.
• The report is reviewed by plant manager(s)
and any applicable distributors.


The report will highlight opportunities such as older machines, low efficiencies, critical applications and special cases.

• Custom motor tags with replacement details are
generated by us to attach to those machines
applicable to your management strategy.
• QR codes can link smart devices to standard
replacement motor data-packs.

Manage Your Assets

At this point, you have several options to start operating more predicatively which will bring even more reduced downtime and maintenance costs to your organization.
• Motor Frame Agreement
• Direct Manufacturer Engineering Support
• Software Integration Solutions

Download MMP- Brochure

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