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 GE Industrial Motors - i-ALERT 

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“There is no system available that offers the performance, flexibility, rapid deployment and low cost other than the i-ALERT system.

Machine Health Monitoring

Monitor and log the vibration and temperature of any rotating machine. Capture transient events with a 1 to 5 minute alarm check and trend overall health with 1 to 60 minute trend interval. For advance analysis request or download vibration spectrum on demand.

Asset Intelligence
Monitor the equipment health of any rotating machine such
as pumps, motors, fans, and more.
Stay Safe
A Bluetooth® Smart wireless connection allows monitoring
from a safe distance.
Save Time
Quickly scan multiple machines at once and cover more
equipment with less resources, freeing time for analysis and
Easy to Use
Put machine monitoring in the hands of the everyday user.
Early Detection
Unplanned machine failures can cost 10 times more than
planned maintenance.
Solve Problems
Advanced vibration diagnostic tools are available to anyone
who can use a smart phone or tablet.

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